The Timeless Story of Saratoga

Our Heritage

Saratoga® has proudly bottled spring water in the Northeast for over 150 years. Celebrated by tastemakers as far back as George Washington, Saratoga has set and been the standard of the art of water for generations. Learn more about our story below.

150 Years of Experience

History of Saratoga Spring Water

What began centuries ago as the discovery of a ‘sacred spring’, has culminated in the water brand we know today. Saratoga® was born in the foothills of the Adirondacks in 1872, but you could say our story started long before that. Today, after 150 years of pursuing the Art of Water, Saratoga® is served on fine dining tables across the country.

Our Story

For over a century and a half, Saratoga® Spring Water has been sourcing and bottling each drop for the perfect taste. Learn more about our journey, our pivotal moments in history, and our expansion from the Northeast.



A well kept secret of the Northeast for generations, Sir William Johnson was the first European to be introduced to the mineral springs. He later spread the word of its effervescent waters.

saratoga effervescent waters


Guests Arrive

The city of Saratoga Springs became a lavish resort destination known as the “Queen of Spas” for those looking to “take the cure” and heal various ailments in the town's spring waters.

saratoga springs queen of spas resort map


Our Founding

When a new spring with a sweet, crisp taste was discovered, a group of local businessmen began bottling it under the name “Saratoga Vichy,” as a nod to the fabled French mineral springs.

saratoga vichy bottle cap


The Company

Saratoga® began revitalizing its legacy, entering the modern water marketplace and providing a local offering to compete against imported waters.

saratoga in the modern luxury water marketplace



Since 2023, Saratoga® has continued expanding across the United States, and embarking on partnering with Bravo's Top Chef to celebrate fine dining, cooking, community, and style.

saratoga spring water from bluetriton brands

Our Collection

At Saratoga, we understand that even the smallest details should be celebrated in a well-curated life. Smooth, refreshing, and visually striking in its signature blue bottle, Saratoga® spring water, available in still and sparkling, enhances life's grand and subtle moments.

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A Timeless Journey