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A Collaboration in Fine Dining

Bravo’s Top Chef and Saratoga® spring water — does a more perfect pairing exist? We are returning for our second season as the official water of Bravo’s Top Chef and the $250,000 grand prize sponsor.  With the launch of our new digital series, Dish with Kish, we couldn’t be more excited to see how Season 21 unfolds.

A NEW Digital Series

The Dish With Kish

Say Cheese!

Top Chef All-Star, Joe Sasto, cooks Kristen as many dishes as he can while he and Kristen answer the age-old question: Can fish and cheese be friends?

Tasting Blind

Kristen gives her best friend, Top Chef All-Stars Finalist, Stephanie Cmar, a test unlike any other she's had before.

Everything on the Table

Two-time Top Chef winner, Buddha Lo, leaves everything on the table and goes plate-free to serve Kristen a stunning piece of food art.

Boiling Over

Top Chef finalist, Gregory Gourdet, joins his buddy Kristen Kish for a scaled-down fish boil at home.

Don't Get Bogged Down

One of Kristen's closest friends, Top Chef winner, Mei Lin, shows-off a unique and delicious use for the humble cranberry.

Fusion Delivered

Top Chef winner, Stephanie Izard, creates a delicious Mexican-Asian fusion dish for her pal Kristen as the two breakdown what it takes to do fusion cooking right.

Risotto Done Right

Another risotto dish bit the dust on this week's episode of Top Chef, so World All-Star Amar Santana returns to Kristen's kitchen to share his secrets for doing risotto right.

Chaos Cooking

Top Chef All-Star, Marcel Vigneron, brings chaos to Kristen's kitchen when he prepares her an anchovy and cruciferous vegetable cake.

Awesome Sauce

After the season 21 chefs garnered mixed results with their dishes showcasing a versatile sauce, Top Chef All-Star, Gregory Gourdet, stops by Kristen’s kitchen to show her how to make his favorite sauce three different ways.

Neapolitan Guggenheim

Two-time Top Chef winner, Buddha Lo, wows Kristen Kish with his magnificent version of a dish inspired by the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Top Croquette

Kristen and Top Chef All-Star Marcel Vigneron bond over their shared love of cheese as they cook up some classic, and not-so-classic, croquettes.


Top Chef World All-Star, Amar Santana, creates his surprising version of a dish using hop flowers, while Kristen whips up a little something hoppy for dessert.

Mess to Success

Don’t miss the first episode of Top Chef: The Dish with Kish. Join Kristen and special guest Stephanie Izard as they recreate this week’s challenge.

Buddha's Curated Food Memories

To celebrate the premiere of Bravo's Top Chef Season 21, two-time Top Chef winner Chef Buddha Lo created new recipes to cook at home while you're enjoying the season. Each recipe holds a special place in Buddha's heart and features a Saratoga® water pairing that enhances the dish.

Traditional Laksa

Traditional Laksa

See Recipe
Pasta Amatriciana

Pasta Amatriciana

See Recipe
Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

See Recipe
As Seen on Top Chef

Follow along for Bravo's Top Chef Season 21. Take a peek behind the scenes and see moments that feature Saratoga® in this season's episodes.