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Still Spring Water - 28 oz. Bottle

Still Spring Water
28 oz. Bottle

Enjoy the smooth, crisp taste and low minerality of Saratoga® still water. Our 28oz. signature blue bottle is the perfect complement to the table at every meal.

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Water Profile

Saratoga® still water has a flavor profile that is slightly sweet with a clean, refreshing aftertaste. Its mouthfeel is light and creamy with a smooth, well-integrated texture. Our still water pairs best with foods that have delicate flavors. Saratoga® is sourced and bottled in the United States.

Perfect Pairing

Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

This blood orange olive oil cake with whipped mascarpone, citrus, honeycomb, and hazelnuts is an elevated dessert that will tickle the taste buds. The blood orange's winter citrus notes marry well with the olive oil and the slight sweetness of mascarpone. Saratoga® still water balances this recipe by not adding to the acidity or sweetness of the dish.

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At Saratoga®, we have three pillars of sustainability: recycled content, recyclability, and water stewardship. Our glass bottles are comprised of 15-35%* of recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

*excludes cap and label

Sustainably Saratoga

Available in Recycled Plastic*

Saratoga to Go

Our timeless blue bottle is now available in 100% recycled* and 100% recyclable plastic, offering refined refreshment on the go. Whether you’re traveling or enjoying Saratoga® at your next outdoor meal, bring our plastic 28oz still water bottle with you and taste the crispness of premium spring water wherever you are. 

*excludes cap and label
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