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Spring Water Composition

Spring water has a natural terroir that’s derived from the rocks and soil near its wellspring. Water absorbs minerals from underground rock deposits, and the more slowly it passes through them, the more elements it absorbs. The mineral composition of any given water is referred to as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). This composition is responsible for the taste and feel of different waters. Discover the Saratoga® difference below.


Flavor Profile:

Saratoga® sparkling water has a clean, slightly sweet flavor and negligible amounts of sodium, magnesium, and calcium.


Saratoga® has uplifting bubbles with a lot of fizz and a smooth texture.

TDS Level:

Saratoga® sparkling water has a TDS of 30-44.


Saratoga® sparkling water is best enjoyed with bold flavors or food with strong aromas.


Flavor Profile:

Saratoga® still water is slightly sweet with a clean, refreshing aftertaste.


Saratoga® is light and creamy with a smooth, well-integrated texture.

TDS Level:

Saratoga® still water has a TDS of 30-44.


Saratoga® still water is best served alongside sashimi, sushi, oysters, and other delicately flavored foods.

150 Years of Good Taste

Saratoga Spring Water


Saratoga's 100% spring-sourced water is synonymous with quality. Born in the foothills of the Adirondacks, each cobalt blue bottle has enriched lives well-lived since 1872.


Saratoga pairs well with a range of flavors. Its low minerality ensures Saratoga always complements and never overwhelms food, wines, or liquors.


Sourced and bottled in the United States, Saratoga is a timeless American staple from the Northeast.