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Still Spring Water - 12 oz. Bottle

Still Spring Water
12 oz. Bottle

Our 12oz. bottle of still water allows you to experience the smooth, crisp taste and low minerality of Saratoga® still water wherever you are.

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Water Profile

Saratoga® still water has a flavor profile that is slightly sweet with a clean, refreshing aftertaste. Its mouthfeel is light and creamy with a smooth, well-integrated texture. Our still water pairs best with foods that have delicate flavors. Saratoga® is sourced and bottled in the United States.

Perfect Pairing

Steak Tapas

Inspired by Bravo's Top Chef, this steak tapas with chipotle sauce is a delicious party appetizer that showcases the richness of steak and the boldness of the chipotle sauce. This recipe pairs perfectly with Saratoga® still water as it will balance out the bold flavors on your palate and allow the flavors of the recipe to sing.

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At Saratoga®, we have three pillars of sustainability: recycled content, recyclability, and water stewardship. Our glass bottles are comprised of 15-35%* of recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

*excludes cap and label

Sustainably Saratoga

Available in Recycled Plastic*

Saratoga to Go

Our timeless blue bottle is now available in a 100% recycled* and 100% recyclable plastic bottle for refined refreshment on the go. Whether you’re commuting, going to an event,  or enjoying Saratoga® outdoors, bring our plastic 16 oz still water bottle with you and taste the crispness of premium spring water wherever you are. 

*excludes cap and label
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saratoga still spring water bottle - 12 oz plastic